Wounds Was Awarded the PACA-FAS Grant

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Wounds is a multidisciplinary exhibition project that invites women to a place of reflection about their pains, blues, anything that ever broke the rhythm of life, the world. But it is also a celebration of survival. It is an invitation to reconcile with the painful parts of one´s story and the challenge of daring to believe in transformation and healing.

I started working on this project during a time when I was desperate to empty myself out, find something to pour myself into and work at truthfully and entirely. I knew that even if I felt stripped of all things, I had poetry and with words I could build worlds in my mind and nurse myself through the light that crafting feeds my spirit. I´m so thankful and fortunate to have arrived at this project, it has stretched me in beautiful ways and I´m looking forward to putting it out there in the world.

In 2022, I was one of the artists selected by Artlink in partnership with Sudkulturfonds for the 100 Artists Grant. Through the support of this grant I was able to cover photoshoot costs for the project.
Recently, Wounds was awarded the PACA-FAS grant and through it I´ll be able to develop the project further.

Wounds is a big, ambitious project that is still in need of more support and I´m hoping that more good news is on the way for the project.
Thank you Artlink, Sudkulturfonds, PACA-FAS for supporting my practice.
Thank you to everyone who is contributing to Wounds. Thank you for believing in it enough to be part of it.

Photo courtesy of Estúdio 2 Luanda

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