A Resurrection Poem

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You have shown us the places of your many deaths But we are also desperate to read a bouquet of your resurrection poems ‑‑‑‑ Siphokazi Jonas This voice wears song This song wears praise In celebration of another day I stand as she who darkness could not break Made from substance fire could not bend This praise adorns itself with … Read More


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It hurts When someone you love tells you that they´re pouring from an empty cup with you What do you mean tired? Do you find no rest here? Did I not come to you with parched lips? I dug until I found wells in us And I did not use it to put out fires I poured out cups of … Read More

Until You´re Free

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When fear makes you afraid Dare to sit still until you start saying the truth Imagine beyond possibility Stop at nothing to be free When receiving hurt keeps you from receiving love Dare to look wholeness in the eye and claim it Count yourself worthy and let goodness stay with you Stop at nothing to be free When trauma threatens … Read More


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Heartbreak, the kind where your heart somersaults from one beat into the next, viciously until it explodes into a confetti of bruises Heartbreak, the kind where your heart sinks so deeply it touches your stomach and you feel your insides undoing themselves, gently cracking, splitting Stomach becomes heart and heart becomes stomach and you cannot tell the difference Is stomach … Read More