Jaliya The Bird is a writer, poet, performer from Angola who is passionate about freedom and authenticity, living life from the core of who we are as we respond to the causes that move us.

The artist creates within the concept of [Inter]Sessions: UnSpoken Words. [Inter]Sessions is about provoking, celebrating, releasing emotion and thought through storytelling, writing, poetry, and performance art. Primarily, it explores Womanhood, Blackness, Africanness and how these factors individually or collectively shape how one experiences the world. [Inter]Sessions aims to be intimate and challenging.

Her poetry video for the spoken word piece Idle Worship directed by Ariel Casimiro via Usovoli Cinema won best spoken word film at the Realtime International Film Festival 2020 Edition and went on to screen at ArtsxSDGS and Cadence Video Poetry Festival.

In poetry and prose, in plea and protest, she joins the host of people who have and dedicate their lives to undoing the oppressive structures that enslave us all. She puts sorrows and joys into words, songs to be used in marches to the many courts of life as we dare towards a better day for ourselves.

Jaliya´s writing seeks to minister to the broken-hearted and the worn-out in spirit.

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