Samakaka Fabric 2

Jaliya The Bird is a writer, poet, storyteller from Angola who is passionate about freedom and authenticity, living life from the core of who we are as we respond to the causes that move us.

The artist explores the experience of being a Woman, Black, African and being all 3 things simultaneously. How does this affect the way an individual experiences the world? How does the world relate to such an individual?

Her work is a space where history, politics and anthropology intersect.

Jaliya finds it revolutionary to tell stories to:
1. Generate conversation and raise critical awareness
2. Change narratives
3. Archive the existence of Black and African women

In a world where they are silenced, observed, objects, the poet writes so that they can be subjects, owners of their narrative.

Awards + Recognitions

  • June 2023, Recipient, Wikimedia Foundation Grant for Wiki Luanda Project
  • December 2022, Recipient, PACA-FAS Grant
  • July 2022, Recipient, 100 Artist Grant
  • November 2020, Honourable Mention, 13th edition of Festival de
    Cortometraje Universitario UVAQ
  • April 2020, Best Spoken Word Film, Realtime International Film Festival
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